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Taylor leaving her apartment in New York City on April 16
Taylor leaving her apartment in New York City on April 16

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I’ve heard most of the new record which is pretty, pretty good. Very, very good. The standard just keeps getting raised. When you hear how good the songs are on the last record and then you hear these ones… It’s weird, she’s just growing as a songwriter, I guess.
— Ed Sheeran has heard most of Taylor Swift’s new album (x)

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我爱上了你呀 多熟悉的紧张
把阵阵心跳 化成多少的对话
偶而不经意的沉默 依然美好
是我们的童话 却没有ending的最终话
无声的冷战 谁赢谁输都受伤
你全心维护的力量 何时也变得无助仿徨

我们孤单是最好的惩罚 我们原谅过错有多么难
只求时间能让一切冲淡 让我重回到你的心上
失去你也让我失去方向 没人说过这有多么心慌
想要你的陪伴 变成了好奢侈的想法


谁先给谁原谅 我要等到天亮
我要看着初晨淡上的微光 带给我那一丝希望


I would have to say that the reason for failure has almost always been a lack of passion for the business or a lack of quality product. You can have amazing food, but if you’re hearts not in it your customers can tell and your employees can definitely tell.

Oppositely, you can be the happiest, most passionate food truck operator, but if your food is not up to snuff it’s just a matter of time before your window shuts.

Denny Christner,

Sometimes bravery is following your gut.

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Je sais qu’il y a des sentiments
Tu m’aimes chaque jour plus profondément
— l’air de rien
I messed around and got addicted
— Dark Horse
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